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A large-scale Turkish company specializing in real estate consultancy and mediation. Its headquarters are in Istanbul, Trabzon, Sakarya, and Antalya. It has dealings in other cities within Turkey. It also has agents in several Arab cities, and many agreements with most of the major Turkish construction companies. Its focus is on real estate investors. Foreigners wishing to own property in Turkey.

Nexus has achieved successive successes in the Turkish real estate markets during its long career, and has gained extensive practical experience and a good reputation locally and regionally, thus winning the trust of foreign investors and Turkish construction companies.

Our vision

We see Turkey as the paradise of the next investment, and just as it is the paradise of the earth where tourists live, so do the hopes of investors looking forward to it.

We believe in the principle of brotherhood of countries and friendship of peoples. Wherever you are, Turkey is your second home, the people are your family, and the country is your country.

Real estate education
We publish a series of episodes on real estate ownership in Turkey. We also translate and publish specialized articles on the Turkish economy, the most important developments in infrastructure, new laws related to real estate, and everything else that concerns the investor and those wishing to own or live in Turkey.

Why Turkey?
The new Turkey is a rapidly and confidently rising country, and its growth indicator has only known leaps and bounds, coinciding with the infrastructure revolution, government facilities, industrial and medical development, and mega projects that take Turkey from the past to the future at the speed of light! Such as the new Istanbul Airport project, located in the “Arnavutkoy” area, north of Istanbul, with an estimated area of 7,500 hectares, accommodating 200 million passengers annually, and reaching 350 international destinations, in addition to the Istanbul Water Canal project, giant medical cities, transportation network projects and advanced roads. …..

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