Best Places to Retire and Own Property in Turkey

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Best Places to Retire and Own Property in Turkey

Turkey is known for having fantastic cities and regions with gorgeous and natural surroundings, as well as a vibrant culture that is both safe and has a high quality of life.

Turkey’s way of life is fairly relaxed, with a lot of outdoor activities. Enjoying sports, the beach, swimming pools, rivers, and hiking are some of the most common recreations. Turkey, being the traditional meeting point of east and west, is rich in culture from many countries, and the people are kind and eager to include you in their daily lives.

Many people ask if Turkey is a good destination to settle down after retirement. The answer is simple, given Turkey’s developing economy, excellent health care, modest cost of living, and flexible regulations. If you are willing to give up your job and have sufficient finances, Turkey is an excellent destination to retire.

However, retiring in Turkey necessitates meticulous planning, especially if you have never visited the country before. This guide is essential reading for anybody considering retirement to Turkey. Continue reading to find out! There are several reasons why retiring to Turkey is a good decision, as well as several locations to explore.

Best Places to Retire and Own Property in Turkey
Best Places to Retire and Own Property in Turkey

5 Reasons to Consider Retirement in Turkey

1. Low Cost of Living 

One of the biggest motivations for retiring to Turkey is the inexpensive cost of living. Life is substantially less expensive in contrast to sophisticated European countries. You’ll no longer be working, therefore you’ll need a place where you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get the most comfort. The cost of food and water is reasonable. You don’t even need a television license.

2. Soothing Weather 

The weather in Turkey is very pleasant; in the summer, you may swim in the water and enjoy the mild air, while in the winter, you can go skiing. The warmest place in Turkey in December is Antalya, a city on Anatolia’s southern coast.

3. Excellent Healthcare 

Given the average age of retirees, adequate healthcare is required to enjoy the post-work era. As a retired expat, you can join the Turkish government’s SGK scheme or acquire personal coverage. In any case, you’d be getting one of the top healthcare systems in the world at a reasonable price.

4. Simple Residency Process 

The first thing you should know is that you must apply for a residence permit within a month of arrival in Turkey. The online residence permit process is easy and simple. You can apply for one year first and then two years. After you retire here for more than 8 years you may apply for a long-term residence permit. If you are considering retiring as a citizen in Turkey, you may think about getting Citizenship by investment which means owning a proper

ty that values at least 400 000 USD.

5. Fresh and Healthy Cuisine

The importance of highlighting Turkish food, which offers a diverse spectrum of flavours, cannot be overstated. Turkish cuisine is made with fresh ingredients and has a large variety of dishes to choose from.


Best Places to Retire and Own Property in Turkey

Where are The Best Places to Retire in Turkey?

  • Antalya – the Southern Coast Hub

The Antalya region, which encompasses a considerable portion of the Turkish south coast, benefits from several factors. It is the second most popular tourist destination in Turkey, as well as the second most popular location for foreign property transactions. The cosmopolitan ambience, which includes a huge city centre and smaller beach resorts, attracts visitors from all over the world, and established ex-pat populations have quickly adapted to Mediterranean life.

Expats prefer Antalya because it is active all year, unlike other smaller resorts that are only open during the tourist season, which runs from May to October. When looking at potential locations, keep this in mind.

  • The Energic & Sunny Alanya 

It’s a very popular retirement destination. Both offer fantastic shopping and dining opportunities, as well as great year-round transportation connections to the rest of Turkey and the rest of the world. Alanya is part of the Antalya beach region, although it has recently developed into a worthwhile destination in its own right. The local government has witnessed a knock-on impact with the increased number of house buyers after investing thousands in its tourism market. What can potential ex-pats expect from Alanya? Well, pretty much everything, including a comfortable lifestyle, shopping, activities, and, of course, famous Cleopatra’s beach. Alanya’s global nature is demonstrated by the fact that English, Russian, and German are frequently spoken.

  • Kalkan: Relax in Luxury

As a luxury Turkish riviera hub, Kalkan, an expensive location on the western edge of the Antalya province, commands respect. Several retired ex-pats only visit the resort during the summer, there is an active community throughout the entire year if you want to meet new people and expand your social circle.

  • Fethiye Region: Turkey’s Natural Pearl

Fethiye has nothing to dislike about. Its magnificent scenery, laid-back attitude, and low living costs have attracted a considerable number of foreign retirees. Some people live in smaller resorts like Hisarönü, Ovacık, and Çalış, while others have settled in the town centre, which has year-round shopping, dining, and entertainment options as well as an excellent transportation system. The fact that Fethiye is adjacent to the Dalaman airport adds to the allure.

  • Bodrum – Cosmopolitan 

This location, which is only a short drive away, not only controls the Aegean tourism trade but also has a huge ex-pat community of many countries. Since the late 1950s, when it became the go-to destination for wealthy international celebrities, Bodrum has welcomed foreigners, and every retiree feels at ease.

Sailing retirees love Bodrum because of its great reputation in the international sailing community and a unique transportation network that connects it to the rest of Turkey and other countries, including an airport and a primary coach station. Even though living costs are greater than in places like Altınkum, its unique atmosphere draws a large number of retired ex-pats each year. Because of the influence of the elderly community, many British bars and restaurants can be found throughout the town, which is why foreigners flock there. Aside from the town centre, other areas such as Mavisehir have a classic Turkish feel. Altınkum is at its busiest as a tourist destination from May to October, and while life slows down outside of these months, the resort continues to operate normally.

  • Yalıkavak: Finest Aegean 

When the glamorous Palmarina opened its doors for commerce, Yalıkavak, which is also on the Bodrum peninsula, took over the town centre as a sailing hub. Many international retirees flock to Yalikavak, which is often touted as a luxury getaway, although the early town section still offers a taste of old Turkey. Tradition is evident in tea shops, Turkish restaurants, barbershops, and other establishments. Yalikavak has all you need for year-round living, but if you want to take things a step further, Bodrum town centre is only a short bus ride away.

  • Dalyan’s Natural Beauty

Dalyan, located in the Muğla region, is a wonderful spot for retirees who want to reconnect with nature. Every day, buses from nearby holiday destinations visit to enjoy the mud baths, a glimpse of the Lycian rock tombs, and a boat ride up the reed-lined Dalyan delta. Those seeking complete privacy might pick the Akyaka lake location. Moving to Dalyan entails modern trends such as enormous retail malls in exchange for tranquillity amid Mother Nature’s playground.

  • The Modern Izmir 

Izmir was the most westernized city in Turkey before Turkey’s modernization at the turn of the century. The area consists of the city centre (Turkey’s third-largest metropolis) and smaller beach resorts and is known for its liberal politics and laid-back culture. Datça, Alaçatı and Çeşme, the most well-known, have long been popular summer vacation for rich Turks. Alaçatı, a windsurfing hotspot, is known for its historic stone homes.


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