Return on real estate in Alanya

One of the ways to save your capital in most countries of the world is to invest in real estate. Square meters are the resource that will always have a price and can generate a stable income in one of the quoted currencies. Today, it is in Turkey that foreign citizens can buy liquid real estate at an affordable price, which will have a good return on investment with the right approach to choosing an...


Living In Alanya Turkey: Advantages, Disadvantages, And Costs

Is it recommended to own and live in Alanya, Turkey? It is necessary to get to know the city of Alanya, and its various components in many areas, which make it an ideal choice to own one of its properties, and live among its wonderful corridors. Alanya appears as one of the important tourist destinations in Turkey with its rich historical texture, charming natural beauty, warm sea coast, favorable...


The Best Areas to Live in Alanya

Alanya has a blend of colorful history, culture, cuisine, historical places to visit, local values, and architecture. It is a must-visit district in Antalya that makes an important contribution to Turkey’s tourism. The population of Alanya is currently 333,104 according to TUIK data. This figure can reach millions during the summer months. Alanya is located in the Mediterranean region and is 130...


Investment Guide Of All Kinds In Alanya, Turkey

Investment Guide Of All Kinds In Alanya, Turkey Alanya lies on the northern shores of the Mediterranean, in the far south of Turkey, and east of the famous tourist city of Antalya, to which Alanya belongs administratively, at a distance of 138 km to the east of it. In this article, we talk about the most important information regarding investment in Alanya, Turkey, while addressing the most important...

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