Life in Istanbul, is Istanbul a good place to live, work and study?

What is life like in Istanbul ? Of course, from the title of our main article, the first thing that may come to your mind are your questions about life in Istanbul and if Istanbul is a good place to live in?. When you walk in the streets of Istanbul you will feel relaxed. You will also see that people of all colors, ideas, religions live together. From veiled women and girls to men, everywhere,...


Living In Turkey… The Costs, Advantages, And Disadvantages

Living In Turkey... The Costs, Advantages, And Disadvantages Due to the intellectual, economic, and social progress that Turkey enjoys, it has become a destination for many to reside in and live in its cities and neighborhoods, as it has the foundations that underpin the European Renaissance and the advanced countries, and in addition to that, the residents have found in Turkey the safety...

The Historical Grand Bazaar In Istanbul

The Historical Grand Bazaar In Istanbul   The Historical Grand Bazaar In Istanbul When we talk about the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the speech will be an attempt to grasp the hidden secrets that are being spread there among the old market alleys, secrets that attract tens of thousands of visitors every day from all over the world. "It is the heart, the brain and the spirit of Istanbul." With...

A Comprehensive Guide to Property in Istanbul (Why, How, Where?)

Due to some economic crisis on the real estate and new home construction industry in Turkey, both the costs in the business and the prices in the real estate have fallen down in the recent years. However, this situation is a great opportunity for the investors to buy property in Istanbul, also in Turkey. Also this the best time to invest in real estate in Istanbul.   Whether you are looking for...

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