The Best Areas to Live in Alanya


Alanya has a blend of colorful history, culture, cuisine, historical places to visit, local values, and architecture. It is a must-visit district in Antalya that makes an important contribution to Turkey’s tourism. The population of Alanya is currently 333,104 according to TUIK data. This figure can reach millions during the summer months.

Alanya is located in the Mediterranean region and is 130 km from Antalya’s city center. It is a favorite of local and mostly foreign tourists with its clean blue flag beaches and castles. There are many 5-star hotels as well. Here are the best places to live in Alanya;

  1. Damlatas
  2. Tosmur
  3. Kestel
  4. Mahmutlar
  5. Demirtas
  6. Gullerpinari Mah.
  7. Kleopatra
  8. Oba

1. Damlatas

When Alanya is mentioned, it is impossible to skip Damlatas Neighborhood. Damlatas Cave is one of the most touristic places in this district. Offering a magical atmosphere with its colorful stalactites and stalagmites and a constant temperature of 22-23 degrees, Damlatas Cave always fascinates visitors. The humidity in the cave is between 90-100%. It is said that the cave is good for non-allergic asthma and rheumatic diseases. The cave is 13.5 m long and 15 m high.

Damlatas Beach is located on the outskirts of Alanya Castle, right in front of Damlatas Cave. Damlatas Beach has an eye-catching beauty with fine and clean sand. Behind the beach, several hotels serving tourism have been constructed. The beach is quite large.

2. Tosmur

One of the most significant values of Alanya is Tosmur Neighborhood. Tosmur Beach, located in this neighborhood, is the beach with the coolest sea in Alanya and Antalya. The distance of the beach to the center of Alanya is approximately 8 km. Transport vehicles in the city regularly pass in front of the beach. It is a unique cooling point in Alanya due to its turquoise, clear, and freshwaters.

3. Kestel

Kestel district is connected to Alanya district. The population of the Kestel district is currently 12,038. Kargicak Beach in Kestel Neighborhood, on the other hand, provides an excellent opportunity for the residents and vacationers thanks to its deep blue sea and decent sandy beach. When you live in Alanya Kestel, you will experience the fresh sea air all the time!

4. Mahmutlar

According to TUIK data, the most crowded neighborhood of Alanya is Mahmutlar. Mahmutlar district whose population is 45,773 is famous for its Mahmutlar Beach. In the last few years, Alanya has expanded rapidly to the east, and Alanya city center has merged with Obakoy, Tosmur, Camyolu, Mahmutlar, and Kargicak on the Gazipasa road. All these small towns now form the outer edges of the city.

5. Demirtas

Demirtas District is one of the least populated neighborhoods of Alanya. According to 2020 data, its population is 3,105. Moreover, restaurants by Demirtas Beach offer nice evenings by the sea.

6. Gullerpinari

The population of Gullerpinari, one of the most crowded areas of Alanya, is 17,859. Alanya Marina is in Gullerpinari Neighborhood. The population of this neighborhood, which is located along the coast, reaches one hundred thousand in summer. On the Alanya Municipality Public Beach, people can have fun and relax.

7. Kleopatra

Blue Flag Kleopatra Beach is on the shore just in front of Damlatas Cave. There are many hotels along the seashore. This natural beach, which looks like a pool surrounded by rocks and stones, is known for the fact that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor Antonius swam in the past.

The most important feature of Cleopatra Beach is its clean sea. It is even possible to watch the fish and the natural beauties of the seabed when swimming with underwater goggles. The beach is free of charge and open to the public and tourists. However, you need to pay for services such as sunbeds and beach umbrellas. You can meet all your fast-food-style food and beverage needs at the beach kiosks that exist every 50 meters. Furthermore, you can benefit from activities such as parachuting and jet skiing.

8. Oba

Living in Oba, Alanya offers you the chance of living a splendid green life.

What are the Cheapest Areas of Alanya?

As in every district of Turkey, houses located in the city in Alanya are cheaper than apartments and villas on the seaside. The cheapest areas of Alanya are;

  • Okurcalar
  • Avsallar
  • Guzelbag
  • Toslak
  • Emisbeleni

Besides, the Mahmutlar area of Alanya has received great interest from foreign and Turkish property buyers. You can buy a 1+1 residence for 800,000 TL / 80,488 USD. This price might be 1 million TL / 100,598 USD for a seaside apartment. You might think cheap apartments are the primary trend in the real estate market, but Alanya also attracts people looking for luxury homes.

What are the Safest Areas of Alanya?

Antalya Alanya has always been one of the safest districts for Turkish and foreign people to live in. Drivers who can travel in the city by road take advantage of the D400 coastal road. While enjoying the wonderful view, the safest areas of Alanya are located next to this road. For example;

  • Kestel
  • Tosmur
  • Oba
  • Demirtas
  • Kargicak
  • Cikcikli
  • Ciplakli
  • Incekum

Is Alanya Good Place to Live in?

When looking at the global tourism success of the Turkish Riviera, Alanya on the Mediterranean coast comes to the fore. Alanya is part of the Antalya region and one of the most visited resorts in Turkey.

Alanya is a typical, idyllic dream of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Mild winters and cool summers. This climate is one of the most relaxing and warm climates in the world. However, it will be to your advantage to follow live weather in Alanya Turkey.

Because of fertile soil conditions, people can consume fresh vegetables and fruits in all seasons. Olive oil which is the main ingredient of Aegean cuisine is always on the menu in Alanya.

The real estate market also contributed partially to the popularity of Alanya. Because many nations, including Turkish people, know that apartments in Alanya are a profitable investment in the long run.

How Many Expats Live in Alanya?

Antalya ranks 3rd after Istanbul and Ankara which are among the cities that receive the most immigration in Turkey. Besides, many tourists who come to Antalya, which is a tourist city, on vacation, like it very much and decide to buy a house. In Antalya, which is one of the cities where ex-pats residing in Turkey live the most, ex-pats generally prefer Alanya to live.

In Alanya, where people from about 120 different nationalities live, ex-pats say that they do not experience any difficulties and that they are happy to live in Alanya. Expats who settled in Alanya from more than 120 countries in total work in business lines are operating in many fields, especially in the tourism sector.

Among the ex-pats residing in Alanya, Russians take the first place, as in the number of tourists. While the Germans take second place, they are followed by Iran and Iraqis.

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