The Reasons to buy a house in Turkey

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The Reasons to buy a house in Turkey

The Reasons to buy a house in Turkey

The Reasons to buy a house in Turkey

Home Prices

Property prices in Turkey are low, especially compared to declining European destinations, so beautiful luxury apartments or villas don’t break the bank. Many new build properties feature the highest quality of decor, such as marble floors and beautifully tiled bathrooms.


The beautiful climate is one reason so many people choose to become first-time buyers in Turkey. If you are looking for a profitable investment, a place to spend the holidays, or live permanently, Turkey is the right choice for you.

Cost of Living

Most things in Turkey are considerably cheaper than in other countries. Electric and gas, council tax, renovations, maintenance, food and drink, everyday groceries, and transport cost less than in other countries.

Easy Access

Turkey has a cheap and fast transportation network to most places. By buying a house in Turkey, you can use a cheap, reliable, and efficient transportation network.


The most important benefit for foreigners and investors who are planning to buy property in Turkey is you can get Turkish residency and citizenship granted by the Turkish government. All foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey are eligible to apply for residency in Turkey.



Modern Architecture

Turkish architecture was influenced by Ottoman architecture, in particular during the First National Architectural Movement. Turkey has many mosques and old and attractive sights from the Renaissance that attracts everyone.

Turkish Food

One major bonus of being a homeowner in Turkey is delicious and healthy food. It’s delicious bread and sweets are known everywhere.

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