Tips for Finding the Best Property in Turkey

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Best Property in Turkey

You may be planning to find your dream house or buy an investment property in Turkey. However, you may have some concerns and also ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the language differences affect my control over the process?
  • Am I getting frauded?
  • Are differences in legal systems and laws going to be a problem?

As a licensed and awarded company from European Property Awards, TERRA Real Estate ® welcomes these concerns and offers the assistance of our professionals. If you want to buy a property as a non-resident in Turkey, this article will guide you.

Tips for Finding the Best Property in Turkey

Things You Should Know Before Buying Property in Turkey

1. Set Your Goals

Review your intentions. Are you planning to reside in the property you want to buy? If you are thinking of investing, will this property provide you with rental income? Or do you need a vacation house for yourself and your family?

Another important consideration is determining where you want to live or invest. Turkey is divided into several regions, each with its distinct climate. If you can’t decide where to buy a house in Turkey, you can read our “Top Best Cities to Buy a Property in Turkey” article. Finding the answers to these questions can help you decide on the area and type of property you want to buy.

On the other hand, determine the elements of the house you want to have, such as size, number of rooms, age of the house, purchase price, etc. Consider all costs and make a decision that will accommodate your finances and goals.

Find the Right and Licensed Real Estate Agency

2. Find the Right and Licensed Real Estate Agency

You should be careful when spending your money. Many people make the mistake of not spending money on professional assistance. However, to avoid scams and protect your money, choosing the right real estate agent is a home buying step that should not be overlooked.

Additionally, each neighborhood has its own characteristics that you will want to know before you buy. A real estate company that is knowledgeable about the area will prevent you from spending too much because they know the value of the properties there.

To sum up, when you decide to buy a property in Turkey, make sure to find a reputable real estate agency with good references and local experience. Read our “Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Property in Turkey” article for detailed information.

3. Request a Viewing Tour

Buying property abroad is an important decision. Although you will be provided with all the details of the apartments through catalogs, photos, and descriptions, we strongly recommend that you see the apartments in person. For this reason, be sure to request a viewing tour before you decide to buy.

In recent years, there have been some improvements in the real estate sector with the development of technology. The most useful is online viewing tours and buying property. You can see the properties using visual communication channels such as Viber, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, etc. as if you were there. If you can’t come here but want to buy a property in Turkey, you can benefit from the online services of TERRA Real Estate ®. Read more about “Viewing trips to Turkey” and “online viewing tours” arranged by TERRA Real Estate.

4. Negotiate Your Deal

Property negotiation is serious business, but when you arm yourself with solid knowledge and tactics with the help of a professional consultant, your chances of getting the best possible deal increase significantly. Several things should be considered during the negotiation; for example, some developers make a great offer by allowing customers to choose from a variety of payment options, while others may offer you furniture and other services as a package.

Property negotiationHere are some things to consider when negotiating:

– Be confident at the property auction

– Never reveal your hand to the developer

– Know the market and act on the market, not on the asking price

– Be prepared to waive certain things

– Eliminate emotions when buying property

– Wait for the other party’s offer

5. Rental Returns and Capital Growth

There are many projects in Turkey that guarantee profit. Many investors are reselling their properties and earning high returns. In addition, Turkey’s touristic capacity promises new investment potentials year by year. Also, you should also be aware of the benefits of exchange rates. The currency’s exchange rate with other foreign currencies is at an all-time high, indicating that buyers are gaining a lot more Turkish lira than ever before in return for their investment properties.

6. Determine Your Payment Plan

Payment plans can be a necessary choice and can be advantageous in some cases. If you need a mortgage to buy a Turkish house, the easiest option is to take out a loan from the bank. If you cannot get a loan from the bank, you can take advantage of the interest-free installments offered by construction companies. However, the point you need to pay attention to here is to agree with a reliable and quality construction company. Getting professional advice from an expert on how to cope with this procedure will be a wise decision for you. See our “Mortgage and Finance in Turkey” page for details.

TERRA Real Estate always works with trusted developers. If you want to buy a house with installments from a construction company, see the list of properties with installments from the developer.

7. Review the Real Estate Appraisal Report

This report is one of the most crucial documents required by international dealers when selling or buying property in Turkey. An expert from the Real Estate Records of the Ministry of Environment and Cities of the Republic of Turkey will inform you about the following subjects; factors impacting appraisal throughout its compilation, technical property specifications procedures for investigating and searching the real estate market as well as the property’s limitations and restraints. Get detailed information about the valuation report in Turkey.

Review the Real Estate Appraisal Report

8. Control The Property Plans

We are suggesting double-checking the property plans at the municipality because sometimes building contractors make some changes to the property plan. These types of changes may create confusion about the property details such as the number of rooms in the property. So both plans (the one held by the building contractors and the other that was kept in the municipality) need to match.

9. Check the Occupancy Permit

The other thing you should seek is the building’s occupancy permit because if the property is not approved by this certificate, it is illegal to live there. This permission verifies that the structures meet the required criteria for people’s security.

10. Importance of Double Checking Title-Deed’s Sections

You must exercise caution when it comes to the title-deed procedure. The part of debts on title-deed is especially significant. If there is nothing left between you and the property owner, it should be specified in the section of debts on the title deed. Don’t forget to double-check the names in every piece of paperwork. It is a simple thing but most of the fraud happens when people are not caring for that part.

Get legal support when buying a property in Turkey11. Getting Legal Support

If you are unfamiliar with local legislation and find it difficult to communicate in a foreign language, purchasing a new property in a foreign country may be a difficult experience for you. We strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer to complete the process more easily. Your attorney will follow up with the power of attorney for all the documents required to complete the transaction on your behalf.

If you don’t have a lawyer in Turkey, you can get support from the company lawyers of TERRA Real Estate. If your aim is only to give a power of attorney, we will follow the whole process on your behalf and inform you. Visit our “Legal Support in Turkey” page for details.

12. Pay Attention to Sales Contract

You should identify your payment options before signing a contract. If there is an installment, it should be included on the contract, and if you have a deal that includes furniture, white goods, or any other items, these should also be noted. Also pay attention to the written costs of your payments, deposit, and dues. They must the matching with the contract.

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