What is the best investment in Turkey?

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What is the best investment in Turkey?

What is the best investment in Turkey?


Investment in Turkey by foreigners in 2022 shows diversity when considering the globalizing world conditions in recent years.

Investment in Turkey is one of the first preferences of investors from all over the world due to its strategic location and great returns.


The 10 best investment sectors in Turkey


The best investment option for Foreigners in Turkey that offers high returns and are known as the most profitable investments are:

  1. Turkey Real Estate Sector
  2. IT and Technology
  3. Istanbul Stock Exchange (BİST)
  4. Forex
  5. Textile and clothing
  6. Energy and Natural Resources
  7. Environment and Recycling
  8. Health Sector
  9. Tourism
  10. Gold or Silver Investment


Real Estate Investment – The most profitable investment Offering High Returns in Short-time


If you want to invest smartly and receive a return on your money, it is very significant to invest in the right real estate. The first aim of making a smart investment is to save your assets and assess them to make a profit. Also, you may want to make purchases, finance your other investments, or supply your unexpected requirements. In summary, you may aim both to gain profit and maintain its value as well as convert it into cash when it is required.

Turkey offers the right to citizenship by buying real estate in Istanbul for over $ 400,000 to foreigners, which has raised the sales of real estate and housing in the country. Not just in Istanbul, but in any part of Turkey by purchasing any type of real estates such as apartments, detached houses, villas, commercial units, shops, offices, and land worth $400,000 you will obtain the right to Turkish citizenship. Also by buying property below this price you can obtain a Turkey residence permit and come to Turkey without a visa requirement.

You can buy three or two apartments worth $400,000 in total and give them to rent. Especially in the cities such as Istanbul, Bodrum, Mugla (Fethiye), and Antalya the rents are high so you will have high returns on investment.


IT and Technology


Turkey attaches great importance to research and technology development in recent years. Many Turkish universities have a technology department and these departments facilitate the investment process for investors to enter this sector.

Turkey is in a very advantageous position for investment, especially for investors who want to invest in software development, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and electronics. Although there are many domestic and foreign companies operating in the IT and Technology sector, there are still lots of market gaps and opportunities offered by this sector.


Istanbul Stock Exchange (BİST) – Do the Right Move, Gain High Returns 


The Istanbul stock exchange market is a market where transactions proceed through a broker. To become successful in this market, patience, experience, knowledge and some significant strategies are required. It is significant to invest and collect information in numerous fields and several companies in the fluctuating stock market. The Istanbul stock exchange market, which is at higher risk than the real estate sector, fluctuates frequently. But, with the right moves, the Istanbul stock exchange market offers high returns to investors.


Forex – Foreign Exchange Market


Forex is one of the other best options for investment in Turkey based on foreign currencies. To trade in the Forex market, you can open an account with a brokerage house of your choice. Then, with your deposit, you can make transactions from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone wherever there is the internet.

The biggest difference between the Forex market from markets such as the stock market is that it can be traded in two directions. For instance; To make a profit in the stock market, the investor must first purchase that product. In Forex, you can both buy and sell the product you want with your collateral.

It can generate high profits by providing good market analysis skills and accurate information to investors. The amount of money invested and leverage is the most important factors for Forex.


Turkish Textile and Garment Industry – Best Turkish Brands


The Turkish textile and garment industry has lots of advantages; the advantage of the quality offered, the richness of raw materials, the fulfillment of special requirements, flexibility, and Turkey’s position in connection with the great demand of Europe and the Middle East. That is why the textile market will always be lively and attractive for investors.

Besides the existing incentives, a new incentive program is expected to come into effect for those who want to invest in the textile sector. In addition, more incentives will be given to investors who invest in textiles, especially in the eastern provinces.


Energy and Natural Resources


The energy sector is very important in terms of the endless execution of almost all economic activities and investments in Turkey. In this context, the sector shows Turkey’s interest in this field, with extensive incentives given to investors in energy and natural resources. About $2 billion is invested in the energy sector in 2020.

Those who are aiming for a great investment in Turkey in Hydroelectric energy, wind energy, solar energy, natural gas, bioenergy, and geothermal energy can benefit from the following incentives;

  • VAT Exemption
  • Customs Exemption
  • 40% Tax Discount
  • Employer’s Social Security Contribution (7 Years)
  • Interest Support (Max. 700.000Turkish Liras)


Environment and Recycling – Investment in Turkey


Important steps are taken to resolve the destruction caused by industrialization and prevent environmental pollution and global warming making the Environment and Recycling sector more significant and interesting.

The fact that Turkey is still in the negotiation phase on EU accession and that it has signed the Kyoto agreement shows how important this issue is for the country. Since the issue is important for all of us, the Government has announced that it will invest between 7-9 Billion Euros in this sector.

In this context, Turkey will support domestic and foreign investors in recycling by reducing value-added tax, customs duty, allocation investment, interest support, tax reduction, and many other supports. To have a smart Investment in Turkey, this sector is also a good option for investors.


Health Sector – Turkey’s important sources of income


As significant developments are seen in the health sector in the last ten years, Turkey has become the focus of attention of foreign investors. The rapid growth of the population as a result of the developing economy has led to high expenditures in the health sector. For this reason, the attentiveness to health centers, polyclinics, and hospitals has increased and this situation has drawn the attention of potential investors to a great investment in Turkey. In particular, foreign investors are closely interested in the Turkish health sector, as they can access high-quality services at reasonable prices. Investment in the health sector is very profitable, it is one of Turkey’s important sources of income.


Tourism- Most Important Sectors for Investment in Turkey


Tourism in Turkey is an important sector of the country’s economy. Turkey is a world-famous tourism region with its historical and natural areas protected by UNESCO and its numerous blue flag beaches. Hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to the country every year are satisfied foreigners who come for investment in Turkey. The tourism sector, one of the significant sectors in Turkey, is getting stronger with the support of foreign investors.

The most important beaches start from the Aegean coast and end near Antalya in the Mediterranean. Bodrum, Cesme, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kusadasi, and Alanya are important holiday destinations for truism. In Turkey, which is surrounded by sea on three sides, numerous touristic areas are visited by thousands of foreigners each year.


Gold or Silver Investment in Turkey


Precious metals are well-known as jewelry with a high-quality standard. Those who are investing in these mines usually rely on their solid and reliable structures. Precious metal investments with low risk show steady performance in the global economy. Just like in the Istanbul stock market, having experience and knowledge in the sector is an important issue when investing. Gold always takes the leading position in investment rankings.

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